Tumeric face scrub

Tumeric face scrub

Tumeric face scrub 8oz jar
Last up to 2-3 months


Directions: use 2-3x weekly

Benefits: acne, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, dull & uneven skin tone.

Ingredients: Tumeric powder, raw cane sugar, honey, lavender, frankincense oil, tea tree oil, lemon & rose hip oil.


This scrub has definitely helped my skin.
I wash my face daily but I feel like I need a little something extra & this Tumeric scrub seems to do the trick for me 😩😩 I love it because it makes my skin extremely smooth, like silky smooth 🤩🤩

My Tumeric face scrub is an all natural home made face scrub. It has lemon 🍋 which is great for brightening the face & Tumeric that’ll help clear & even your skin tone! Please be aware that Tumeric does stain!! So it is imperative that you wash your sink & hands immediately after you’re finish!