Ingrown hair serum

Ingrown hair serum

“Bye bye pest” 👋🏾 ✨ 1oz
My ingrown serum is an after shave.
All natural & organic, homemade. NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES ‼️‼️

This serum is to help prevent/target ingrown hairs due to shaving/waxing & to calm irritation/itchiness after shaving.

2 of the main ingredients are aloe Vera & tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is an anti-inflammatory, and it has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, & is found in a lot of acne products! Which helps ingrown hairs & fight infections. Aloe Vera is a natural plant/leaf 🌱 it’s known for soothing pain & healing burns! Aloe Vera is a natural healer. It has vitamins C & A, helps to hydrate the skin & improve firmness.