colored gloss

colored gloss

Homemade/handmade lip gloss 10ML tube
All natural & organic ingredients. No Versagel was used in the process . 🌱 Vitamin e, Argan oil, avocado oil & rose hip oil infused into the base oil. Non-sticky ! Applies smooth to the lips & smells amazing! 💋

Coco - brown colored gloss. Coconut scented . Leaves a slight tint after 2-3 uses.

Crystal clear - clear gloss with holographic glitter. Tutti frutti scented

Candy apple - red gloss with holographic pieces. Strawberry scented. Has a slight red tint when applied 2-3+ times.

Wonderland - dark pink gloss with green, yellow & blue glitter. Watermelon scented. Has a slight dark pink tint after 2-3 uses.

Princess - light pink gloss. Strawberry scented. Has a sling tint after 2-3 uses.