Clay mask

  • Clay mask
  • Clay mask
  • Clay mask
  • Clay mask
  • Clay mask

clay mask + coconut mixing bowl & spoon
Will last up to 6 months

Goldenbrownskin's clay mask is a 3 ingredient clay mask.

Instructions: add water until you get your desired consistency. Not too thick & not too thin! Apply to face & let sit for 10-15 mins or until harden. Wash off with Luke warm water. Follow through with your turmeric face scrub + raw African face wash!

Ingredients: bentonite clay, matcha green tea & turmeric powder.

What does it do:
Bentonite clay uncloggs dirt trapped & oil in your pores. It's cleans out your pores.

Turmeric powder helps lighten your skin tone to help even it out & helps get rid of dark marks/scarring & hyperpigmentation.

Green matcha tea helps reduce redness, irritation and prevent infection.
Also helps with dark bags/circles under the eyes!! The matcha green tea will leave you with a refreshing feeling.