About me



• CEO, Model, Fashion stylist, Clothing designer, music artist, entrepreneur. 


• Lakeland Fl born but raised all over Florida #FloridaBaby 

Bday:Christmas Eve 

when did you start your business? 

• 2017. For a few months. Received my LLC in feb 2020.

why? What made you start your business?

• It started because people would always compliment my skin & I thought it would be a good idea to sell my secret. 

what is the meaning behind "Goldenbrownskin" ? 

• Goldenbrownskin is a second name for myself that I turned into a brand.

whats next ? Or what are the company goals? 

once I become successful I'm going to teach others like me how to succeed. Definitely open a few business. Of course available in stores + my own factory & store. 

will your products be in the store ? 
Yes, I am speaking that into existence.